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Banlieue Network Member Profiles

Image for Marie-Madeleine Bertucci

Marie-Madeleine Bertucci

Marie-Madeleine Bertucci is a Professor of Sociolinguistics at Cergy-Pontoise University with particular research interests in the areas of the banlieues, youth parlance and plurilingual and pluricultural situations. She is currently undertaking a study on verbal battles and ritual insults among young people of Francophone immigrant origin.


Image for Juliet Carpenter

Juliet Carpenter

Juliet Carpenter is a Senior Research Fellow of the Oxford Institute for Sustainable Development: Spatial Planning Group, with particular interests in urban regeneration, community engagement and participation in planning, among others. She is currently a Research Fellow at l’Institut d’Urbanisme de Lyon.


Image for Peter Coles

Peter Coles

Peter Coles is a writer and photographer who has worked with the Royal College of Art, UNESCO and is currently a Research Fellow at CUCR, Goldsmith’s University. His research interests lie in the scope of the ‘urban biosphere’ which has led to several photography studies and a long-term study of urban trees, underway in Paris and London.


Image for Mustafa Dikeç

Mustafa Dikeç

Mustafa Dikeç is Reader in Human Geography at Royal Holloway, University of London. His research interests focus on three themes: politics of space, politics of alterity and politics of time, on the first two of which he has two publications. He is on the editorial boards of two journals, Environment and Planning : Society and Space and Justice spatiale/Spatial Justice.


Image for Christina Horvath

Christina Horvath

Christina Horvath is a Senior Lecturer in French Studies at Oxford Brookes University whose research is in 20th and 21st- century French and Francophone writing, society and culture. She is the author of the monograph on Le roman urbain: un genre de la surmodernité. Her current research focuses on banlieue narratives in contemporary French literature.


Image for Jӧrg Knieling

Jӧrg Knieling

Jӧrg Knieling is the Vice-President of the HafenCity University, Professor for Urban Planning and Regional Development and a Member of the Academy for Spatial Research and Planning. He is currently involved in several international research consortiums and has published several monographs on climate change, urban governance and planning cultures.


Image for Michel Kokoreff

Michel Kokoreff

Michel Kokoreff is a Professor in Sociology at Nancy 2 University, with research interests in the sociology of working-class areas, social stratification and urban marginality, and sociology of drugs on which he has published La drogue est-elle un problème? Usages, trafics et politiques publiques.


Image for Sandrine Roginsky

Sandrine Roginsky

Sandrine Roginsky is a Senior Lecturer of Communication and Media at the Catholic University in Louvain, specialising in the construction of discourse and portrayals on the internet. She has previously worked at the European Parliament and is currently undertaking a project on the use of social networks within European institutions.


Image for Edward Welch

Edward Welch

Edward Welch is a Senior Lecturer in French at Durham University and a specialist of post-war French literary and visual culture. His current projects include a study on urban development in post-war France and The Durham Centre for Advanced Photography, of which he is a founding member and co-director.