Mark Wahlberg has the same enthusiasm for the ManningCast as we do

The actor and Boston sports homer looked like he couldn't be bothered during his appearance

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Screenshot: ESPN

Peyton and Eli Manning were back on Monday Night on the “ManningCast” for the Super Bowl rematch between the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles. As usual, they had a plethora of guests during this clash, which saw the Eagles hold on to win 21-17. One of the Manning brothers’ guests on this evening seemed at times like they’d rather be anywhere but on the show. Mark Wahlberg looked dazed and confused at times like he forgot to charge his battery before going live.


Either Wahlberg didn’t care to be between Peyton and Eli bickering back and forth, or he’s over the whole “loving brothers” schtick like everyone else. The buzz around the ManningCast is far from where it was during their premiere season in 2021. Ratings had already begun to dip halfway through the ‘22 campaign. After peaking in ‘21 with nearly two million viewers, the


Manning brother’s broadcast of MNF had fallen to barely over a million in Week 7 this year.


Realistically, that probably isn’t the reason for Wahlberg’s lack of energy, but if anyone asks, it’s as good an explanation as any other. Maybe someone referenced Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch before they went live and put him in a bad mood. We all know how much he loves to relive his days as a “rap” artist. You could’ve thrown a sack of potatoes in a chair with a voiceover and gotten more energy.

The look on Wahlberg’s face during most of that segment was priceless. There’s no doubt that’ll be the next overused meme floating around the internet if it isn’t already. ManningCast guests were once excited about joining the brotherly duo, but Wahlberg made it look like a chore. Hopefully, the next celebrity they have on can stand to be in their presence for more than five minutes without nearly nodding off.