Vince McMahon served federal grand-jury subpoena

The government’s investigation into alleged hush payments made by McMahon is still ongoing

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We will indeed be talking about this for a long time.
We will indeed be talking about this for a long time.
Screenshot: CNBC

After more than a year entangled with an alleged hush-payment scandal, WWE executive chairman Vince McMahon had a federal grand jury subpoena executed on him through federal law enforcement agents and a search warrant last month, according to a company disclosure. The filing made through the Securities and Exchange Commission is the latest chapter in the ongoing investigation into money McMahon allegedly paid to quash sexual harassment claims over the last several years.

WWE acknowledged the subpoena in the filing, also stating McMahon is on medical leave after major spinal surgery on July 21. The filing also reiterated that while the government investigation into McMahon and the payments are ongoing, no charges have been brought against the 77-year-old. WWE CEO Nick Khan didn’t provide further comment on the matter during an earnings call Wednesday, per a WWE spokesperson.


A WWE statement read that the company received demands for documents related to the investigation as part of the filing. “We believe this is a continuation of the investigation that commenced last summer. WWE has cooperated throughout and fully understands and respects the government’s need for a complete process,” the company’s statement read.

The Wall Street Journal first broke the news last June that WWE had started an investigation on an alleged $3 million payment from McMahon following an alleged affair. The internal investigation into McMahon was completed late last year. The last reported amount of alleged hush-payment money given out by McMahon was around $12 million. McMahon originally resigned from the company after payments were brought to light last July, but returned to the company months later. “In 2022, WWE formed a special committee to review allegations of misconduct against me,” McMahon said in a statement. “That review was concluded in November 2022 following an extensive investigation. Throughout this experience, I have always denied any intentional wrongdoing and continue to do so. I am confident that the government’s investigation will be resolved without any findings of wrongdoing.”